Online Reputation Management - ORM

Managing online reputation (ORM) means taking control of the conversation online. Its techniques and strategies ensure that when they search for you on the Internet, people find the right materials. Online reputation management is aimed at creating balance, counteracting misleading trends and enabling you to put your best foot forward.Not only do people see the Internet as their first source of information, they also have confidence in what it tells them.

More importantly, on the basis of what customers find online, they make decisions about the business. The online world becomes increasingly enmeshed with the rest of our activities with each passing day.

Every online activity is being recorded online. Your emails, messages and conversations through social media are in store online even if you delete them. Be careful while interacting with customers or posting something online. You might delete it instantly but it might backfire on you.

Why ORM is important for your business ?

  • Analyze you business
  • Carry out a Research & Analyse
  • Examine the Competitors
  • Managing your reputation
  • Increase Customer Reviews & Ratings
  • Increasing Social Media connectivity with the people
  • Ongoing monitoring & reporting

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Online Reputation Management

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